The Fashion Trade Show for Brands in Asia

THE HUB is a curated, invitation only branded fashion trade show that will take place during the last week of August 2013 in Hong Kong, the geographic and business centre of Asia.

THE HUB will be held at the Asia World Expo, a purpose built professional venue less than 30 minutes from all the main business areas of the city.

THE HUB is an event specifically designed to allow you to find the right partners and customers to make your brand a winner in Asia, the world’s primary growth market.

THE HUB is the nucleus, the connector, the destination where the branded fashion industry comes together twice a year to develop business and networks throughout Asia.

It is the business focused and creatively driven fashion trade show that Asia has been waiting for.

THE HUB is specifically designed to cater to the prevalent Asian fashion business model, led by mono-brand retail, as well as bringing in key buyers from independent boutiques, department stores and retail chains from across the region. This will ensure you, as a brand, will engage with the decision makers and regional partners who can help make your brand a success in the most dynamic, fastest growing region in the world.

Asia is the Worlds largest growth market for Fashion and Brands

Asia is on the cusp of a massive wave of growth as the biggest explosion of middle class consumers in world history emerges and seeks opportunities to express their individuality. Consumer awareness of brands and young fashion is growing at a rapid rate further fuelled by media and social

network driven fashion education. We are seeing the consumer desire for the challenging, the innovative and the dynamic. Existing local brands are failing to satisfy the newly informed individuals who are looking to create their own identity through embracing international brands. These consumers are seeking their own fashion thrill, to look good and create their own identity.

The time is now for international brands to be part of this movement and being a part of THE HUB you will meet the people who can make this happen for your brand.

The Team

  • Richard Hobbs – Co founderOwner and operator of a number premium denim and sportswear labels. Located in Hong Kong since 1989.
  • Peter Caplowe – Co founderSerial entrepreneur who originally launched the Evisu brand in to the International luxury denim arena.

Contact Us

THE HUB is a project of Entrepot Asia, a company based in Hong Kong who’s founders and principals have decades of experience in owning, managing and distributing fashion brands on a global scale and have extensive connections throughout Asia at all levels of the fashion business.

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